About us

Bellevue Mediation currently consists of one female and two male mediators with different professional backgrounds.

We build on a strong foundation of mediation training; and we possess broad experience in professional negotiation management and conflict resolution.

We work alone (single mediation) and in collaboration (co-mediation) depending on the objectives and the situation.

We also work in the English language.

We also work for international projects and mediate in conflicts that extend beyond national borders.

We use Intervision and Supervision, and we are committed to a regular program of continuing education in the field of conflict management.

If needed, we work together with other specialists or draw upon such for the entire mediation or a limited phase of the mediation.

  • The support of an architect or engineer can be advantageous in the case of construction conflicts, for example.
  • In the intercultural area, a sociologist or a culturally creative person can support the parties in working to find solutions to their conflict.
  • For conflicts in the IT area, as well, we are in contact with experienced specialists.

We are members of various professional associations like the Swiss Mediation Association, the Swiss Chamber for Economic Mediation, the Institute for Mediation, and the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section.