Dispute Resolution Design

Conflicts absorb attention, energy, and efficiency. Conflict management aims to avoid such conflicts (prevention) and, where they occur, to resolve them constructively (conflict resolution).

For prevention there are numerous scientifically based measures which have been successfully applied in practice. We assist you in implementing a customized conflict management concept in your organization.

This involves for example responsibilities and structures, processes and contact points, statutes, regulations, contracts, and mediation clauses for:

  • Businesses and companies
  • Associations, foundations and other NPOs
  • Neighborhoods and condominium associations
  • Projects (such as IT, planning, construction)
  • In-house, workplace
  • Public administrations, public authorities

We are here to support your prevention goals in planning, developing, deploying and implementing customized conflict management.
For conflicts and difficult situations that have already occurred, see Mediation.