Personnel issues and internal corporate issues

Mediation can be implemented for the most widely varying internal corporate problems, as illustrated by the following situations:
The atmosphere is charged in the office. The necessary collaboration with the female boss or between colleagues is lacking. Because of this, work is delayed. Neither management nor the employees are content, productivity is declining, and job satisfaction is disappearing.

Between divisions within the enterprise, “turf wars” are carried out. The employees of other departments and/or their supervisors not only deny support to other departments but create additional obstacles.

Different corporate cultures (resulting from merger, restructuring etc.) collide with each other and the desired and urgently required cooperation among employees is missing. The company continues to lose money. Employees are no longer motivated, supervisors are worn out, work quality declines, and the effort required to achieve the desired results increases accordingly.

Internal corporate mediation permits those participating in or affected by the conflict to contribute their perspectives of the situation and – without losing face – to work together on solutions that accommodate the different interests and can, therefore, be supported by all involved.

Internal corporate mediation is often preceded by an internal situational analysis in order to clarify higher-level structures and organization. The objectives of the mediation and the issues to be dealt with will be determined in preliminary talks with those responsible, and it will be discussed in a way the solutions achieved in mediation can be implemented in consideration of the competence structure within the company.