Neighborhood and real estate use

What can you do when a neighbor continues to find means and ways to disturb and injure you? What can you do if he plans construction that is totally contrary to your interests, if his pet continues to relieve itself in your yard, if he continually throws noisy parties? Because you cannot simply choose or change your neighbors, particularly if one owns your home or apartment, such situations are very stressful.

A conflict situation in a rental situation can be particularly difficult. Dependencies on realty management, uncertainties about the plans and interests of the lessor or also the question of what position the other renters and neighbors may take with regard to others involved, make it more difficult to protect ones own interests and, as a consequence, one makes a fist in the pocket and tries to live with a stressful situation, in spite of the frustrations it may cause.

Whether you let office space or live in an apartment, the use of real estate comes with many imponderables, and may quickly lead to open or covert disgruntlement and ultimately to savage lawsuits and counter suits. Yet, legal means cannot resolve these problems in a satisfactory manner, since court decisions consider only what happened in the past and offer no options for creative future-oriented solutions. This, however, is the advantage of mediation: It is future-oriented and offers the conflicting parties a chance to find new ways and mutually agreeable solutions for a positive and tension-free association with each other.