Government agencies and environment

Government agencies

In addition to problems in the workplace (compare internal corporate mediation) here, the primary issues are problems associated with the realization and execution of administrative tasks. These can be as multi-faceted as the administrative activities themselves.


  • A building is to be placed on the register of historic monuments.
  • Construction (renovation) plans are denied.
  • Compensation for assisting doctors/teachers is not adjusted.

These examples raise different questions. They can be of a political, legal, personal and economic nature. Regularly, government administration has large discretion in their activities. This can be used for the benefit of all participants in working out answers to the above-mentioned questions and in finding optimal solutions for problems in administrative matters through mediation.

Likewise, mediation promises success when administrative internal conflicts between different government agencies exist. In this regard, for example, unproductive turf wars can be ended, providing all participants the possibility of protecting their interests while doing their duties efficiently, at the same time.