Accompanying negotiations

As neutral and independent mediators, we structure the course of negotiations and projects so that you can reach your goals quickly and without complications, and for the benefit of all participants. All topics relevant for your objective will be documented and analyzed. Possible obstacles to agreement will be recognized early on and removed.

We help you to develop and maintain a constructive climate for discussion. Thus, all participants may voice their opinions and perspectives and multiple options can be thought through.

Contract negotiations and internal decision making processes take place in many areas of life. The successful conclusion of such negotiations and processes depends critically on whether or not the interests of all involved are considered. This may involve for example…

Models and strategic goal setting

The Board or management has had an objective to determine the company’s image and long-term strategic goals on the agenda for quite some time. Members have very different ideas of how these goals and priorities defined.

Regulating succession

In your company, a succession determination must be made with your heirs and third parties. You want to have the succession issue clearly decided, however, you do not yet want to leave the company. You want the heirs to accept the decision and you want to ensure that no disputes arise among the heirs later.

Management Buy-out

Two of your company’s managers are to become partners in the enterprise. At the same time, a previous partner wants to resign, or still be involved in the business management, but to a lesser extent. The contract negotiations turn out to be rather difficult and, so far, have not produced any useful results.