Mediation in business life

Conflicts in the business world may cost quite some time, money, energy, and nerves, and they may even occasionally make the pursuit of actual business objectives impossible. Modern management, therefore, includes the planning and the use of methods for the fast resolution of difficult situations and conflicts.
Increasingly, planning includes the integration of mediation clauses when concluding contracts. These clauses specify that in the case of conflict, a session with a mediator should take place, before a lawsuit is started or similar avenues are pursued.

Conflict management provides different methods for overcoming already existing or potential conflicts, among them in particular mediation, as well as accompaniment of difficult negotiations, moderation and coaching.

Mediation in business life is also referred to as corporate mediation.

Bellevue Mediation offers you effective support in the area of corporate mediation. This is particularly practical for:

  • Companies and contracting partners
  • Personnel issues and internal corporate issues
  • Government agencies and environment
  • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Neighborhood and real estate use
  • Accompanying negotiations

In all of these, and in other areas, as well, conflicts or difficult situations regularly involve financial aspects. Possibly, other factors like emotions or hopes also play a role even in these cases. And they, too, have a place in the protected mediation room, since frequently without their consideration a satisfactory solution cannot be found. In any case, the objective of mediation remains a mutually agreed future-oriented solution.