Separation can have many faces: Distance from the lifestyle lived previously, spatial separation as a timeout for rest and reflection, or a preparatory phase for divorce.

Because a separation usually touches different aspects life, it makes sense to settle the associated questions for the duration of the separation.

If the couple has children, then form and structure of parenting change with the separation. To the extent possible, the new settlement should correspond to your ideas, your family model, your role understanding and your pedagogical concepts. In many cases, finances need to be structured and potential maintenance payments must be calculated.

Separation settlements can be made privately – in the form of a separation agreement. In mediation you find the framework that permits you to exchange your ideas with your partner. In a guided and structured discussion you can express and discuss your ideas and wishes but also your fears, questions and anxieties.

A separation is a new path. Your participation in structuring this path together gives the security to take and experience this path and also provides the possibility to preserve and integrate the potential and the qualities of your life as a couple and as a family.