Children and parental care

In mediation, parenting is a central focus.

Even when father and mother no longer live under the same roof, and particularly in this case, new ways must be found and developed to continue to function as parents for their children. The new structure of the family should be adapted to your needs and also to the needs of your children. As parents, you are the experts for the well being of your children.

In this regard, there are many questions for you to answer such as:

  • How do you want to structure your parental role after the separation?
  • Where will the children live?
  • How should caring for the children be organized?
  • How should the contact and the relationship to both parents be ensured
  • How are the children doing anyway?
  • What do the children want and need?

How can you as parents – even after a divorce – work together and ensure the necessary mutual information?

In mediation, you also structure and plan the model that your family should live by after the separation. We show you the different legal possibilities with the associated refinements, requirements, advantages and disadvantages.

As of 2000, «joint custody» is legally possible after divorce. This means that after divorce,both parents can maintain custody of their children under certain circumstances. This leads to many important questions that need to be discussed. Because the model of shared custody is a new legal possibility, you probably need information and tips and assistance based on experience, in order to get a complete picture and to find a settlement that is optimal for you.

The structure of post-marriage parenting is the central focus for sole custody, as well.

In any event, a solid parental situation is the best prerequisite for the well-being of your child. Solutions worked out together in mediation strengthen you as a mother and a father and reduce the stress on your child.