Mediation for Couples and Families

Idea, Procedure and Requirements

In couple relationships and families, questions, different views, differences of opinion, arguments or conflicts may develop repeatedly. The desire may arise to change the current situation.

Couple and family mediation provide you with the framework for entering into a discussion with each other, for open exchange about different possibilities, for developing suitable solutions, or adjusting existing models.
The range of options extends from reorganization of life together through separation coaching, the form and settlement of separation or divorce, to working out a court- approved convention.

In any event, the focus of mediation work is on the future. The new path to be traveled will be thought through and planned in individual steps.
Often, the partners in couple conflict are not at the same point. One of them has already accommodated the new situation while the other one is overwhelmed by the events. During mediation, they will find a pace that enables both of them to work competently on the new situation.

The mediation practice is a neutral space. The mediators structure the discussion and guide you into a future-oriented, constructive dialog. Contentious positions will be set aside under the professional leadership of the mediator to the benefit of true needs, wants and desires.
Thus, an open exchange takes place that not only strengthens your ability to cooperate and deal with conflict but that also fully opens the windows to your individual solutions.
Mediation is about developing the best solutions for both parties. Thoroughly negotiated win-win solutions are satisfying and they last.

In this manner, you remain the experts of your personal lives. After all, you are the ones that will find the solutions and that will live by them.

Mediation merely requires your willingness to sit together at the same table to speak with each other.
This is all that is needed to start on the path to a solution.

It is important to understand that under no circumstances will the mediators appear as witnesses in later legal proceedings, or that information arising out of the mediation will otherwise be provided to third parties.

What Co-Mediation is

Bellevue Mediation offers co-mediation particularly in the area of family mediation.

Co-mediation means that on the mediator side, two people, usually a man and a woman, support you as mediators.

Our staff members dealing with adults and children are thoroughly trained and have professional experience as attorneys or as psychologists.

We are neutral and both mediators support both of you.

Accordingly, co-mediation offers you broad know-how and the extensive competence of our male and female mediators in the development of and agreement on the solutions, which are optimal for you.