How mediation works

Conflicts and difficult negotiations are part of life. When two or more parties cannot make progress in solving important problems, when discussions come to a stalemate or do not even take place and if negotiations do not proceed as desired, it is particularly important that a neutral and confidential space is offered, that facilitates a focused and structured discussion between the parties.

The mediation process for couples and families involves particular aspects.

Before the actual mediation begins it will be discussed who will participate in the mediation and when the first session will take place. Such preparatory talks can take place in our facilities or over the telephone. If attorneys accompany the parties in the mediation, then often a preliminary discussion will take place with the attorneys about the course of the mediation process.

The mediation itself should take place at a neutral location. The Bellevue mediation team’s conference rooms are particularly suitable for this purpose. In the first phase, the objectives of the process, as well as the course of the process, will be discussed.

Then the topics will be jointly determined and structured. At the same time a (possibly confidential) explanation of each party’s negotiating alternatives clarifies the party’s negotiating scope.

The interests and risks of each party are identified, based on the presented topics, and finally solution options are created. When the possible options have been established they should be evaluated and the best solution should be negotiated.

The agreement between the parties is then recorded in an obligatory form suitable for the specific case.

Each conflict is different. The mediation process is flexible and can readily respond to these differences, because it can be adapted in accordance with the needs of the concrete case.